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As a formal liberal, who once advocated as strongly against the views now expressed on this website, my views changed when the facts changed. Well, actually it wasn't the facts that had changed, but that I was exposed to the right set with an open mind. Liberal commentators (and plenty of conservative commentators) go to great lengths to obscure information to twist arguments to their favor, for their own agenda. Furthermore, people generally do not have an open mind and consider the validity of alternative viewpoints that are in stark contrast to something they have believed their whole lives. Many times if challenged on an argument, they will dig in deeper either ignoring the new information or flat out denying it, even if it comes from a reputable source. In fact, they will go to great lengths to selectively read viewpoints that they already have. This is known as confirmation bias.

From elementary school through college, students are indoctrinated with viewpoints of the left. From my own experience and from news articles I have read throughout the years I have encountered examples of history teachers skewing information and stomping on the US Constitution, for example. The likelihood of even having any exposure to an alternative viewpoint is minimal unless one's parents happen to have it. If one lives in a city, the likelihood of that dwindles. Libertarianism pretty much has to be learned on one's own effort, which probably explains why there are so few of them.

Neither political party represents me well because I believe in both economic and social freedom and the principles our country was founded upon with the US Constitution. Both political parties give you a package deal that combines neither. But because we already have a high degree of social freedom in this country and we need balance for more economic freedom, I address mostly economic issues. I feel our country is re-tracing back to the ideals we shed so much blood to defeat during wars with the USSR, Cuba and Vietnam. When was the inflection point in the United States of America for the anti-wealth, anti-CEO sentiment, "You didn't build" that comments from the president, and a general discourse for profits? That's not what our country was built on. 

If I were to have read my own website 10 years ago, I probably wouldn't have even given it a chance and might have considered the author to be a "right-wing wackobird" (a 'compliment' I received on a message board recently). But if I were to have read the underlying arguments, sources and citations, the recovery from liberalism would have been much swifter. I strongly believe that in every liberal there is a Libertarian waiting to get out if they would read certain topics and viewpoints objectively. Good starting reads would be "Free To Choose" by Friedman, and "Basic Economics" by Sowell. 

I created this site because I became fed up with all the misinformation on biased articles and comments out there. Currently this site is like a public blog for anyone to publish upon, but in the future I hope to make it more than that. All views are accepted, even liberal, but you have to back them up and prepare to be challenged. You could spend time trying to draw traffic to your blog, or you can already have an audience here.

I have lived across the country, but I currently live in one of the most liberal cities in the country. I have a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a Master of Arts in Economics, and a Master of Science in Financial Mathematics. My alma mater is the University of Chicago. 

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