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They do seem to expect a lot to be handed to them or that accomplishments should be easy. They also seem to expect that getting any worthless degree (English, journalism, art history, etc..) is going to get them a $50,000 a year job. Suddenly they are outraged when they racked up $75,000 in student loan debts and can't get a job. Doing what you love only works if you can provide a service that is valuable to others.

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Today, PayScale released data on 20 year net returns of various college degrees. According to this analysis by The Atlantic, there are a dozen of degrees that would leave you more in debt in 20 years. ( For example, an Art major from Murray State University would see a negative -$197,000 return in 20 years. For your information, the net returns are calculated as by 20 year total income for the degree minus what they would have earned as a high school graduate, and then minus the cost of college and average financial aid. (

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Times are now changing; thought it may seem as though youth are being more demanding as opposed to say, thirty years ago, they are being open to new and recently developed opportunities as they fight to stay up to date. They shall have to work a 100 times harder in order to get a job which pays a decent amount, compared to the amount they would have needed to , thirty years ago.

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