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The states are able to pull out an additional tax revenue.

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I'm very anti-drug, but I think that the two states that have legalized it have created a great social experiment. After a couple of years, we will be able to see any effects of crime, educational attainment, poverty, etc. as a result of marijuana use. The results will probably end up in the next Freakonomics book.

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1) Marijuana's classification as a schedule 1 drug is absurd. Both the National Academy of Sciences and the American College of Physicians have recommended that it be rescheduled numerous times since the '70s. There are a wide range of health benefits from treating PTSD to controlling life-threatening seizures

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The price of socialism (i.e. high dependency upon government) is more revenue generation for the state.

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Is it good policy to give a stamp of approval to another substance that is a) mind altering b) saps motivation c) leads to smoke inhalation and d) annoyance to others?

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New study just came out showing side effects for some people. It is always claimed to be harmless by proponents, but this study says otherwise.

Cannabis increases heart problems and 'may even prove fatal for young and middle-aged users'
Smoking cannabis can trigger heart attacks in the young and middle-aged
Marijuana can also cause problems with the arteries in their brains
People with pre-existing heart weaknesses are at greatest risk

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1)Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, meaning it has a high potential 4 abuse & no currently accepted medical use in treatment 2) a study found that users have a nearly 5-fold increase in the risk of heart attack in the 1st hour after smoking the drug 3) In 2010, marijuana was involved in > 461,000 emergency department visits nationwide, nearly 39% of all emergency visits involving illicit drugs 4) a study shows teenagers' long-term use of marijuana may lower their IQ by 8 point on average and

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The tax revenue is less than anticipated. Probably because people who bought drugs before it was legal didn't suddenly go to legal channels to buy it afterwards. Duh, why would you want to pay 30% more tax?

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Adolescents who have smoked cannabis 50 times by the age of 15 show ‘impaired’ educational abilities, according to a study by University College London.

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A lot of people compare marijuana to alcohol and say because one is legal that the other should be legal as well. But then does that mean we should legalize cocaine and LSD as well? The primary difference between marijuana and alcohol is that one hit of marijuana gets you high, while it takes several drinks to get drunk. You can have a beer or two and not be impaired.

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Marijuana is 9 times more carcinogenic as tobacco.

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Study by University of New South Wales, Australia found that regular teenage cannabis users are seven times more likely to attempt suicide, are eight times much more likely to use other drugs later on and 60% less likely to finish school.

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