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The failure of exchanges has nothing to do with bitcoin technology. People gave their bitcoins to someone who was untrustworthy. This happens every day with other forms of money. A wise person will not entrust their bitcoin to anyone unless they have adequately assessed the risk/reward for doing so, and whether it suits their needs. If they then choose to take the risk, it is not ant fault of the currency they entrusted to another person, if that person defaults.

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I just typed up a pro-Bitcoin argument. However, it was too long for the box. I don't think 750 characters is enough to gain a comprehensive understanding as to the benefits that Bitcoin provides... so I posted it in another place. Read it if you like.

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Bitcoin is the greatest economic invention since the limited liability company, or double-entry accounting. It creates a permanent, secure open record of every transaction entered, which is available from anywhere in the world. The economic value which will be unleashed by this fundamental innovation challenges the imagination of the most creative visionary. It's like the internet in 1985 or paper money in the Yuan dynasty. Most people can't comprehend this scale of value, and will miss out on the opportunity which it creates.

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Bitcoin is cryptographically secure and has no counter-party risk. Unlike sovereign currencies or depository receipts, there is no way that anyone can default on bitcoin you hold in your wallet. It is much safer than hiding physical gold, because it cannot be taken by any government or any thief or any crooked bank. Moreover, you can access it instantly from anywhere in the world, with no need to clear customs. It's the kind of freedom for which people will always be willing to pay very dearly.

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Bitcoin is volatile because it is new and small. As the value goes up it becomes less volatile. This will not stop until it stops growing. You can expect bitcoin to remain volatile for several years. Volatility is not the same as risk. We know and understand why it is volatile. It is volatile because it is growing. That is a good thing for those who own bitcoin. The volatility is a necessary growing-pain. The design of bitcoin is a work of genius, designed to protect against all the many forms of risk to which other financial instruments are exposed.

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It's a little trendy and sounds cool but this is really a giant pyramid scheme that depends on more people coming in to buy your bitcoins at a later date. There is no intrinsic value in Bitcoins and since inception it has been extremely. volatile. I've never been a fan of the "bigger fool" theory of investing.
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Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time, said he wouldn't be surprised if it weren't around in 10-20 years.

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Do you really want to park your cash in some shady mom-and-pop operation? Not only did the largest exchange fail, but so did 45% of the other ones you probably haven't heard of. Most took their user's money with them. Doesn't breed confidence in a big part of the technology.

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Bitcoin is Evil. It's the Devils currency.

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